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Services - Renovations, Conversions, Repairs & Upgrades

Re-clothing & renovation of Pool Tables

 Renovation of pool tables

ZVM Leisure has been servicing pool tables from the start and employs experienced pool table technicians. We can recloth, replace rubbering and pockets, repair and refinish your old pool table in the shortest time. Contact us for a quote for all your service and upgrade needs. All our services include a written warranty.

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Repair of Soccer Tables

 Renovation of soccer tables

ZVM Leisure stock a wide range of general soccer table parts and repair soccer tables. Contact us for a quote for your service requirments.

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Repair & upgrade of video games

 Servicing Videogames

ZVM Leisure servicing team are constantly trained and updated on the latest technological know-how to respond swiftly to our business partners and requirements. We are well-equipped with repair parts and accessories for any replacement jobs. This means we are always ready to repair any breakdown requests of our video game machines.

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Conversions of old CD changer Jukeboxes to MP3

 Jukeboxe Conversions

ZVM Leisure engineers have developed an MP3 conversion kit which can be installed in any of your old or malfunction CD changer jukebox. Simply copy all your mp3 songs to a pendrive and enjoy trouble free jukebox operation. Contact us for a quote for more information about the conversion kit.

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Support Enquires

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Please feel free to contact us for any servicing, support or any other query. Please contact us using our contact form, email or telephone for any support enquiry you may require. Our support team will be happy to help.

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