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Repair & Upgrade Services

Repair and Upgrade




    ZVM Leisure technical division guarantees the best competent technical support around when it comes to servicing our amusement machines. Our technical staff is continuously trained and has gained lots of servicing experience. Our technicians are qualified to undertake complex repairs and can service and repair any type of fault. ZVM Leisure workshop is equipped with all the required tools and instrumentation required to service our machines and we stock all the required spare parts guaranteeing repair jobs to be completed in the shortest time possible.

    Our technicians are able to service generally on location mechanical, electrical, electronic and software problems that may result due to the harsh environments our amusement machines have to withstand. The repair jobs usually consists of:

    • Electronic troubleshooting and repair down to component level of power supplies, power electronic boards, power amplifiers, monitor chassis, etc
    • Software upgrades and game re-installations including replacement of pc hardware,
    • Repair of mechanical parts that fail due to wear and tear including steering controls, pedals, buttons, etc
    • Calibration of controllers, including optical guns, forced feedback steering controls, etc
    • Programming and servicing of coin and bill acceptors,
    • Repair of electrical problems and replacement of defective lighting,
    • Preventive maintenance care, including cleaning and testing.

    Working fairly and closely with our business partners is our aim and their success is our benchmark. Our business partners rely on our services and expertise and we are proud that our competent technical support staff has helped ZVM Leisure to establish trust and longstanding satisfaction.