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Pool Table Re-clothing and Repair Services

Re-clothing of pool tables




    ZVM Leisure technicians are known for their workmanship and ability for re-clothing pool tables. For over 20 years we have specialized in refurbishing several brands of pool tables, working either from our workshops or at our business partners outlets. We have acquired lots of experience in all aspects of pool table refurbishment. We have customers who regularly use our pool table re-clothing services. Generally we refurbish pool tables on site minimizing the time the table is out of use.

    We guarantee that all refurbishing work is completed with minimum disruption. We can offer woolen cloths or nylon/speed cloths and a range of colors to suit your personal taste or location decor. We also can supply high quality trade cloth by market leaders, including Strachan and Hainsworth.


    • First the side cushions are dis-assembled, stripped and inspected for loose or worn rubber.
    • Then the slate is removed, stripped off from the old cloth and cleaned thoroughly from glue and old cloth.
    • New Cloth is then applied to the slate, glueing sides and stretching at the same time to attain the proper tension.
    • The cloth is then trimmed and pockets are cut out accordingly.
    • Once all this is ready the slate and cushions are fitted back in place.