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CD changer Jukeboxes conversion to MP3 media player

Repair and Upgrade
      Before Conversion
      After Conversion




    Our engineer has developed an MP3 conversion kit which can be installed in any old or malfunction CD changer jukebox. The hundred CD albums are converted to mp3 albums and stored on a USB pen drive. User operation is kept the same as the original. The kit consists of a custom built interface board which interfaces with the original coin acceptor, user display and keypad controls. It also includes an IR remote controller for volume and other basic controls to be used by the jukebox administrator. The mp3 player consists of an HP Thin Client running a specially designed jukebox firmware which will drive the original amplifier and sound system. The system will replace the CD changer mechanism and the laser optical drive, both known for their unreliability with a reliable system which runs completely in software and no mechanical moving parts.

    One must understand that this is not a do-it-yourself job and the conversion kit cannot be simply sold. Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate if you are interested about this conversion kit which also includes installation for your old, faulty or beyond repair jukebox.




    • User operation is kept the same.
    • Original amplifier and sound system are kept.
    • No more cd changer or dirty laser problems.
    • IR remote control replaced with added functions.