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Sale of pre-used Konami - Police 24/7

Pre-Used Police 24/7
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    Police 24/7 is a 2000 light gun shooter arcade game from Konami. The player an American police officer of the LAPD, works to take down members of the Gokudo-kai an internationally based yakuza group. The gameplay in Police 24/7 can be considered more interactive than most light gun games, instead of merely standing in one place and shooting enemies before you are shot, the game uses infrared sensors to determine a player's location, through this, the player is able to dodge around (with the knees, while standing on the pad), duck to avoid bullets (and reload), and lean out to maximise cover and get a better shot. However enemies will continue to shoot while you're hiding, so it's possible to rise up and immediately get shot, if you're not careful. Also, like Time Crisis, the timer is continually running down, so one can't hide for very long.

    This preused video game is for sale, for more information please do not hesitate to contact us.




    • CRT Monitor Vertical.
    • Single player.
    • Controls Optical Gun with kinect motion sense.
    • Amplified Stereo Sound.