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Pre-Used Video Games

SEGA/Naomi - Ferrari 355 Twin


This twin cabinet version from SEGA is a popular racing simulator, created in co-operation with Ferrari. Up to 8 players can enjoy the thrills and tension of real time racing by competing in a link race mode with stunning graphics by Naomi.

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SEGA - Daytona USA 2

 Daytona 2

Daytona USA 2 is an arcade racing game released by SEGA as a follow up to the extremely successful Daytona USA. The game featured vastly superior graphics, utilizing the Sega Model 3 hardware. The Daytona USA 2 cabinets can be linked together for up to four players.

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 Timecrisis 2

Time Crisis 2 is a two player shoot them up which takes the players through different levels blasting bad guys and popping in and out of hiding. The gameplay involves the players to shoot all the bad guys in each area before time runs out. When the player steps on a special pedal, the player pops out of hiding and can fire back, when released the player goes into hiding and reloads his gun.

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SEGA/EA Sports - Nascar Arcade Twin

 Nascar Twin

Nascar Arcade Twin is a 2 player racing game from Sega/EA Sports. Nascar Arcade Twin lets the player choose a Nascar racer and any course of various difficulty and race a set of laps until time runs out.

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SEGA - Confidential Mission

 Confidential Mission Deluxe

Confidential Mission Deluxe is considered as the sequel to SEGA's Virtua Cop series, as it involves the same warning target system. It also adds the rescuing feature from the The House Of The Dead series, in which if you save a particular hostage from danger, a reward will be given.

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Namco - Time Crisis 1 Standard


Time Crisis Standard from Namco is a first-person perspective shoot them up game where the player can hide behind objects while moving through the game.

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Konami - Police 24/7

 Police 24/7_icon

Police 24/7 is a 2000 light gun shooter arcade game from Konami. The player an American police officer of the LAPD, works to take down members of the Gokudo-kai an internationally based yakuza group.

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SEGA - Virtua Striker 3

 Virtual Striker 3

Virtua Striker 3 video game is an arcade-style football/soccer game developed by SEGA. Virtua Striker 3 was notable for the use of 3D graphics. Virtua Striker 3 enables the players to perform high-flying bicyle kicks, headers and shoot-outs while hearing the chants of the crowd.

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