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ZVM Leisure for all your pool table supplies and accessories!

We have in stock cues, pool table cloth, cue chalk, ball sets, table brushes, and a lot more. Does your table need some repair? We have all the pool table parts you need! If you need to re-cover your table and do not know how, we can do that for you. If you require proper pool table lighting, then come and check out our pool table lights. We supply play packages and kits, which include everything from a set of balls, pool cues, and more! We are here to offer you the best quality service and the best quality products.


 Pool Table

We have a selection of cues ideally for players on a budget or for someone that is looking for pool sticks as a gift for someone. We also supply different types of tips to suite different cues.


 pool balls

ZVM Leisure has a great selection of pool balls at great prices – from classic billiard balls to themed balls for your pool table. We also sell single balls.

Pool Table Cloth

 pool cloth

Strachan cloth is regarded around the world as the leading brand in its market and is the choice of table manufacturers and players alike offering superior ball control, speed and positional accuracy.

Strachan cloth is the official and exclusive cloth of the International Pool Players Association and is endorsed by leading manufacturers of pool tables. We also supply cheaper cloth materials.

Table Brushes


Pool table brushes are suitable for using on felt table tops and consists of bristles in two lengths, longer at the edges and shorter in the middle. Brushes are very important to use after every playing session to remove dirt, dust, chalk dust, and any other foreign contaminants that have appeared during the games.



ZVM Leisure has a selection of pool cue chalk for you to choose from. We have the standard blue and green colors available. These are the most popular pool cue chalk in the pool table industry today.



Pool Table Lights are an important aspect of the pool game experience. We offer a selection of Pool Table Lights.

Accessories Kits

 Pool table acc sets

Pool table and billiard accessory kits come complete for all your table needs. Choose from different pool table ball sets, cues and anything you may require.