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Comesterogroup - Twin Jolly Pro Change Machine

Twin Jolly Pro
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    ZVM Leisure sells and distributes locally Comesterogroup change machines.




    The Twin Jolly PRO offers the same security, design and functionality of the classic Jolly PRO model, in an even more powerful unit. The ccTalk protocol offers high levels of protection from electronic frauds, while the new 32-bit CPU allows to access innovative functions for managing accounting data and configuration, accompanied by the useful machine cloning function. Twin Jolly PRO is an ideal change machine, which ensures high coin capacity with compact size.




    • Connection of peripherals via ccTalk.
    • Distribution of two different types of coins and tokens.
    • Bonus function for various types of tokens.
    • Coins/tokens dispensed automatically or manually.
    • New 32-bit CPU with SD-card.
    • Exporting of accounting data and importing of configuration parameters via SD-card.
    • Machine cloning function.
    • Dispensing capacity equal to 6,800 1€ coins.
    • Cash box and hopper compartment protected by an 8-point locking mechanism.
    • Technical compartment completely separated from the cash compartment: the payment systems are therefore perfectly protected.
    • The hoppers can be recharged externally, without accessing the cash compartment, for greater safety.
    • LCD graphic display.
    • The collection of large amounts of coins and tokens is facilitated by the compartment pre-set for free dispensing or else for collection cups.
    • The structure protects the change machine against liquid spills from above.
    • A ballast can be placed at the base in a separate lockable compartment to ensure greater stability, as well as to prevent the change machine from being stolen.




    Specifications Change machine
    Dimensions (LxHxW) 340 x 1,450 x 475 mm
    Weight 72 kg
    Power supply 230 Vac - 50 Hz
    Power consumption 60 VA (max)
    Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 50°C

    Coins Capacity 0.50€ 1.00€ 2.00€
    2 Evolution hoppers with extension 6,800 6,800 6,400
    Cash box 10,000




    • 2 Evolution hopper with extension
    • NV10 USB banknote reader




    • RM5 HD coin validator




    • Coin/token collection cups (max height: 120 mm – diameter: 145 mm)
    • Reprogrammable locks
    • Anti-theft kit
    • Steel protective bars