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VNE - King Change Machine

King Change Machine


    ZVM Leisure sells and distributes locally VNE change machines.




    The King Change machine is a high performances in a small dimensions change machine. It can handle two universal hoppers with a capacity of 6,000 coins. The machine comes with a coins sorter which places them in the corresponding hopper. The King Change can be fitted with the MD100 Merkur baknote recycling system or with the JCM iPRO recycler. The King Change is the machine able to satisfy every need.




    • Two Universal hoppers.
    • Counting speed: 10 coins a second.
    • MD100 Banknote recycling system:- 3 cassettes (3 different denominations of notes).
    • JCM iPro Banknote recycler:- 2 cassettes (2 different denominations of notes).
    • External refill.
    • Sorter to handle the introduced coins.
    • Armoured cabinet 2.5 mm
    • Wall or ground anchorage available.
    • Machine refill possible without opening the main door.
    • Double map safety lock.
    • Security lock with 10 point locking mechanism.
    • Capacity approximately 3,000 coins in each hopper.
    • Banknotes: MD100-100 bills in recycle (up to 3 different denominations of notes) and 500 bills into the stacker.
    • Banknotes: iPro-200 bills in recycle (up to 2 different denominations of notes) and 400 bills into the stacker.
    • LCD graphic display.




    Specifications Change machine
    Dimensions (LxHxW) 380 x 1600 x 320 mm
    Weight 90 kg
    Coin capacity 6,000 coins
    Power supply 230 Vac - 50 Hz
    Power consumption 60 W max
    Operating temperature -10°C ÷ 50°C