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VNE - Mini Secure Change Machine

Mini Secure Change Machine


    ZVM Leisure sells and distributes locally VNE change machines.




    The Mini Secure Change machine is an armoured, secure and reliable notes to coin change machine. It can handle one or two hoppers and has a maximum capacity of up to 9,000 coins. All Mini Secure Change machines are fitted with a secure bill validator equipped with an anti-fraud device. The Mini Secure Change machine offers a completely flexible and operator-friendly set up menu. Settings of the value of coins to be dispensed and the combination of banknotes that may be accepted can be chosen by using dip-switches. The operator may specify the desired combination of coins and banknotes to be dispensed back to the customer. The Mini Secure Change machine is available with advanced discriminator hoppers that can handle three denominations of coins simultaneously.




    • One or two hoppers with single coin or discriminators
    • Distributes coins or tokens.
    • Setup through dip-switches.
    • Note acceptors with or without stacker.
    • Armoured cabinet 2.5 mm
    • Wall or ground anchorage available.
    • Machine refill possible without opening the main door.
    • Double map safety lock.
    • Security lock with 10 point locking mechanism.
    • Capacity approximately 4,500 coins in each hopper.
    • LCD graphic display.




    Specifications Change machine
    Dimensions (LxHxW) 320 x 1350 x 350 mm
    Weight 65 kg
    Coin capacity 9,000 coins
    Power supply 230 Vac - 50 Hz
    Power consumption 60 W max
    Operating temperature -10°C ÷ 50°C