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Sega - Outrun 2

 Outrun 2

Outrun 2 allows you to drive at high speeds and perform awesome drifts. Courtesy of an official Ferrari license, the 8 cars in this game are based on their real life counterparts and all have different handling characteristics.

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Global VR - NFS Underground

 NFS Underground

Global VR version of Need for Speed Underground is a fast-paced and energetic driving arcade game presenting three modes of play; circuit, drag and drift style racing. Players will be able to race either against computer opponents or local friends in a networked cabinet configuration. The cabinet features force-feedback steering, as well as an accurate six gear manual shifter.

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Taito - Battle Gear 4

 Battle Gear 4

Battle Gear 4 is a realistic simulation driving game with diverse challenging circuits. Battle Gear 4 cars are based on real world physics presenting a simulated gameplay so close to reality. Battle Gear 4 has several controls including manual/auto gear shift, hand brake for drifting tight turns and a clutch pedal for manual gear shifting.

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Sega - Segarally 2

 Sega Rally 2

Sega Rally 2 involves the players in racing a rally car and making it to the next checkpoint in a arcade style race to the finish. There are six different locations and 17 tracks in total. Each track has a different surface, such as gravel, snow, pavement and ice including night time driving and weather effects.

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Raw Thrills - Fast & Furious Twin

 Fast & Furious Twin

Based on the Fast & Furious movie this game from Raw Thrills features 17 vehicles to select, 12 action packed street circuits and 20 customized levels. Bonus points are awarded for a range of stunts including wheelie, slide wheelie, flip, heli, roll, vault and 360.

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Raw Thrills - Fast & Furious Super Bikes

 Super bikes

The Fast and the Furious Super Bikes is the second game inspired by the hit movie franchise. Super Bikes takes players around the world including Sturgis, Monaco, Chicago, Shanghai, Detroit and Switzerland. Players can choose from 12 licensed motorcycles and riders. Like The Fast and the Furious, players can upgrade their bikes with NOS, bigger engines, tires and more!

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Sega - House of Dead 4

 House of Dead 4

In House of the Dead 4, the players need to blast the gauntlet of zombies and other evil creatures. With two handguns and a massive 52" monitor the players have to shoot their way to a high score!

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Namco - Time Crisis 2

 Time Crisis 2

Time Crisis 2 is a two player shoot them up game which takes the players through different levels shooting bad guys while popping in and out of hiding before time runs out. When the player steps on the pedal, the player pops out of hiding and can fire back, when released the player goes into hiding and reloads his gun.

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Namco - Time Crisis 4

 Time Crisis 4

Time Crisis 4 is a two player shoot them up game with choice of 4 weapons. A foot pedal is used to take cover from enemy fire and reloads the weapon. The game flows seamlessly through cut scenes and real-time action. Voice Navigation guides the players through game objectives including weapon selection..

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