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SEGA -OutRun 2

Outrun 2
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      The 8 Classic Ferrari Cars




    Several years after the first Outrun release in 1986, Sega released the sequel OutRun 2 an arcade racing game with similar gameplay to the original but features more cars, more tracks and far better graphics and music. Outrun 2 looks and sounds so good, yet it's unbelievable how close to its roots it feels and plays in spite of its vastly upgraded graphics. The game platform is the new Sega Chihiro board which includes a 733 MHZ Intel Pentium III processor and an nVidia graphics processor.

    The Twin cabinet is the most popular for linked racing but the surprise is Ferrari giving permission to Sega to use their cars for this version of Outrun. Eight classic sports cars from the Ferrari collection can be driven which look fantastic and drive like a dream. The biggest addition to the gameplay is drifting which is achieved by braking and turning at the same time. This allows you to take rough corners with ease and mastering this technique is the key to getting the best times and finishing the game. Outrun 2 can be played in single mode or linked multiplayer mode. Sega have been exceptional when it comes to the graphics of Outrun 2 with a perfect 3D graphics engine, the expensive Ferraris and the stunning world circuit locations including the Eiffel tower by night, the pyramids of Egypt, the flower gardens of Holland and not least through the classic beachfront just like in the original Outrun.




    • 2 players linkable game.
    • Numerous circuits.
    • 8 different Ferrari models: F50, Dino 246GTS, Testarossa, Enzo Ferrari, 360 Spider, GTS/4 Daytona, 288 GTO F40
    • 2 CRT Color monitors, 25".
    • Steering wheel with force feedback.
    • Shifter 4-position (1/2/3/4).
    • 2 Pedals.
    • Sound Amplified Stereo (two channel).