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ZVM Leisure Crane Machines



    ZVM Leisure can provide you with coin operated crane machines for profit sharing in any commercial venue. Crane machines are ideal for family entertainment centers but we may also consider any other type of viable commercial venues. ZVM Leisure will provide the plush toys to be used in our crane machines. ZVM Leisure imports the plush toys directly from Whitehouse Leisure UK, which is one of the best manufacturers of plush toys, with a wide selection of available toys. ZVM Leisure will also provide free delivery and installation on site. All our crane machines have modern designs and are equipped with attractive lightings and colorful facades.

    Whitehouse Leisure is the leading market innovator when it comes to amusement plush and redemption products. Whitehouse Leisure’s extensive collection of plush toys have proved to be a huge success throughout the years and these plush toys can now be found in our crane machines situated in venues around Malta.
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