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Konami - Lethal Enforcers

Lethal Enforcers
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    Lethal Enforcers is a shooting game where the player has to shoot all the criminals while protecting innocent by-standers. The game has five stages each with a different assignments: The Bank Robbery, Chinatown Assault, The Hijack, The Drug Dealers, and The Chemical Plant. The gun can fire up to six rounds at a time and whenever you need to reload, you aim it away from the screen and squeeze on the trigger.

    The player starts with three life units and additional life units can be purchased by depositing additional coins. Life units are also awarded based on how many points you score during the gameplay. Each time you are shot a life unit is lost. You will also lose a life unit whenever you kill an innocent by-standers. There are different ranks that you will attain, depending on how well you do. Additional weaponry can be found throughout the game that will give you better fire power. Lethal Enforcers was produced by Konami in 1992.

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    • Name: Lethal Enforcers.
    • Manufacturer: Konami.
    • Year: 1992.
    • Genre: Shooter.
    • Gameplay: Two players.
    • CRT: Color.
    • Gun: Optical.
    • Sound: Amplified Stereo (two channel).
    • Cabinet Styles: Upright/Standard.