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SEGA - Virtua Racing

Virtua Racing
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    Virtua Racing is set in a Formula One racing scenario. Virtua Racing engages the players to race and compete against each other on three different tracks. It was SEGA's first Virtua game (by AM2) based on SEGA first 3D hardware (Model 1). Virtua Racing's popularity was unmatched at its release, largely due to the massive advance in graphics, force feedback and realistic sound. Many of todays popular arcade racers lend much to the success of Virtua Racing. The deluxe version boasts a large Formula One style cockpit with force feedback steering. It is the only VR version released with a 16:9, 36 inch widescreen monitor.

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    • Name: Virtua Racing.
    • Manufacturer: SEGA.
    • Year: 1992.
    • Genre: Racing.
    • Gameplay: One/Two player.
    • CRT: Color.
    • Controls: Steering wheel with force feedback, pedals and shifter.
    • Sound: Amplified Stereo.
    • Cabinet Styles: Seating position.