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SEGA - Outrun

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    OutRun is a driving arcade game developed by SEGA in 1986 and it is often considered a milestone in the driving/racing type of game inspiring several sequels. OutRun allows the players to simply drive their sports car to the next checkpoint without running out of time. When a checkpoint is reached the timer is reset. There is also the option to select the next track through the form of a fork in the road. Crashing into other cars or scenery looses time and does not cause any damage. The car has two gears, high and low and for a player to succeed he needs to switch between gears at the appropriate moments.

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    • Name: Outrun.
    • Manufacturer: SEGA.
    • Year: 1986.
    • Genre: Racing.
    • Gameplay: One/Two players.
    • CRT: Color VGA resolution.
    • Controls: Steering wheel, throttle and break pedal, Gear lever.
    • Sound: Amplified Stereo.
    • Cabinet Styles: Upright/Standard.