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Konami - Silent Scope

Silent Scope
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    Silent Scope is a shooting game where you battle terrorists and rescue hostages.The player uses a mounted sniper-rifle gun where you can see targets up close and personal through the scope, or view them from a longer distance on the arcade monitor. The game has three modes of play: Target Practice, Time Attack, and Story. Target Practice lets you practice your sniper skills, Time Attack challenges you to clear several stages with a fast time and a high accuracy rating and Story mode has a variety of intense missions. Each mission has a tough boss enemy that requires a great deal of skill to take down. Your life meter will go down each time you are hit or accidentally kill an innocent by-stander. Silent Scope was produced by Konami in 1999.

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    • Name: Silent Scope.
    • Manufacturer: Konami.
    • Year: 1999.
    • Genre: Shooter.
    • Gameplay: One player.
    • CRT: Color.
    • Gun: Optical positional gun with trigger.
    • Sound: Amplified Stereo (two channel).
    • Cabinet Styles: Upright/Standard.